Dining at Westlake Center

Image of green peapods, a margarita cocktail with a green lime, and green vegetables with Save, Sip, Dine written in white text
Image of green peapods, a margarita cocktail with a green lime, and green vegetables with Save, Sip, Dine written in white text

Take a Break at Westlake Center

Whether it's an afternoon snack, a hot cup of coffee or a relaxing meal with friends and family, take a break to recharge, refuel, and indulge in a variety of dining options. For some of the best local restaurants in Seattle, join us in our Bites on Pine Food Hall on Level 2.

Fast Casual Restaurants

Caliburger logo
Level 2

Knowing where your food comes from is key to confidence. Our signature CaliBurgers are always made with 100% all-beef, ground to our own exacting standards. Our chicken is top grade. Our produce is hand-selected for freshness by experienced chefs.

Visit the Westlake Center Caliburger location in Seattle, WA.

Sushi Burrito                            logo
Level 2

It's safe to say that we all know a place where we can get a burrito or sushi, but what if you wanted both? At IJ Sushi Burrito we offer you the opportunity to discover sushi in a fresh, new way. You can pick from a wide variety of our favorites or walk down the line and create a masterpiece built just for you. Not a big fan of sushi? We also offer a variety of poke and salad bowls that can satisfy any hunger. We can't wait for you to stop by and let us help you roll your own way.

Visit the Westlake Center IJ Sushi Burrito in Seattle, WA. 

Zuba                                     logo
Level 2

Traditional Mediterranean & Middle Eastern Cuisine. Fresh. Authentic. Delicious.

Visit the Westlake Center Zuba location in Seattle, WA.

Snacks & Drinks

Lolli & Pops logo
Level 1
Lolli & Pops is a premium purveyor of sweets, candies and confections. This includes colorful French macarons, marzipan fruits and a bulk bar that features dozens of unique gummy bear flavors. Lolli & Pops brings together an assortment of high-quality treats which are offered with inviting, informative service in quintessential candy stores. By sourcing the best confections from across the world and presenting them in a beautiful shop, the experience of discovery is just as delightful and inspiring as indulging in the treats. With over 70 stores nationwide, Lolli & Pops is sharing sweetness and delight with millions of guests around the U.S.
Level 3

All of our products, including the ice cream, sponge cakes, waffle cones, and even the adzuki bean toppings, are made in-house. In the US, it's rare for products not to be made in factories and we feel that there are concerns and problems with additives. We take product quality and safety very seriously and all our products are very carefully selected to ensure quality taste while at the same time delivering satisfaction for everyone.

Visit the Westlake Center Matcha Maiko location in Seattle, WA.